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Due to vulnerabilities and recent changes in the way WordPress is working on the internet lately, I have discontinued the website www.nlplifecoachphoenix.com and forwarded the URL to GCNLP.com right here.  GCNLP is an active association for the benefit of the Global NLP Community.  Lots of people are at least aware of NLP and want to learn more skills and this association was created to give a focus to those desires.  In addition, you may want to visit the primary site for NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute.  You can learn about NLP  and NLP Coaching in general, about Bill Thomason and his personal change and business training work, and you can find out about private sessions or upcoming training opportunities and you can read the Blog Articles that are posted there on the website.




NLP Practitioner Certification 2015

NLP Practitioner Certification 2015

REGISTER NOW! for  NLP Practitioner Certification 2015, September 11-17 in Phoenix, Arizona.  Get the BOLD of ROBBINS, the GENIUS of the Co-founders BANDLER and GRINDER, and the MAGIC of NLP MASTER TRAINER, BILL THOMASON.

NOW, you can transform you abilities to master you own states of EXCELLENCE, produce deep and lasting RAPPORT, to become ultimately persuasive as you INFLUENCE with INTEGRITY and get more of the life you have only dreamed about achieving.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or ‘NLP’ has been called “the study and application of excellence,” “The science of subjective reality,” and “an attitude and methodology leaving behind a trail of techniques,”  According to Co-founder Richard Bandler, “The ATTITUDE is CURIOSITY, and the METHODOLOGY is BEHAVIOR MODELING.”  If anyone can produce an excellent behavior and you get enough high quality information about how they do it, you can produce a similar result.

Bill Thomason will be your primary guide and trainer on the unique journey into transformation.  Learn to model the structure of any excellent behavior to achieve any outcome you congruently desire in your life.  You will learn the key generalization about eye accessing cues to give information the way your receiver needs to get to process quickly and easily almost as if it had been his or her own thoughts.  You will learn to use language effective to bypass conscious resistance.  You will learn how STRATEGIES, SUBMODALITIES, ANCHORING, and REFRAMING are the building blocks of the skills necessary do more than you ever dreamed possible.

This 7-Day course is taught with Excelerated Learning(c) techniques to help you unlearn unresourceful patterns you picked up in school and other places throughout your life and open up your filters in a way that allows you to virtually download massive learning of skills and information and fully expand your ability to pay attention to the most minute physiological or body clues that telegraph the internal programming of anyone you choose to model.

Count the top peak experiences of your entire life on your fingers and get ready to add one more to the list.  Your NLP Certification will become one of the most powerful events of your life.  You will be challenged.  You will experience a caring environment and you will have the freedom to experiment and try out new skills in a safe environment.

Your life will positively never be the same.  With the skills you learn, you will explore and integrate new thoughts, new feelings, new choices, and acquire highly successful new behaviors. 

Get the BOLD of Robbins, the GENIUS of the NLP Founders, and the MAGIC of Bill Thomason!

Training Dates:

7-Day Intensive NLP Practitioner Certification is September 11-17 followed immediately by the 3-Day NLP Coach Certification.   Meant to be taken together.


9:00am to 6:00pm each day


How the Brain Works          Outcome Formation          Presuppositions

Rapport Skills                        Anchoring                           Reframing

Eye Accessing                        Submodalities                     Swish Patterns

Calibration                             Beliefs & Values                  Coaching Syntax

Six-Step Reframe                  Precision Model                  Meta-model

Metaphor Construction       Time Line                             Language Patterns

Hypnosis                                 Behavior Modeling            Negotiation Model

What People Are Saying…

“It exceeded all of them (expectations), I thought I would learn effective communication…this class was so very much more…I had no idea this would apply to all areas of my life.” 

-Kimberly Kelledy—Student—Phoenix, Arizona

“I am more aligned with myself.  I carry fewer unsatisfactory patterns.  I have increased professional skills.”

-Patricia Edwards—Counselor–Phoenix, AZ

“Interpersonal relationships have meaning now…real meaning.  I can use these skills to make others feel better about themselves, and therefore, better about myself.” 

-Jason Cody—Sales—Phoenix, Arizona

“Absolutely wonderful!  I truly appreciate the energy and personal attention you provided each one of us to achieve the absolute maximum.”

-Nancy Anderson—Vital Connections, Inc.—Orlando, Florida

“I am now a better human being!  The skills that I have learned about how to communicate with other people, will help me with both work and personal life.  This course is about looking into your own life and is a hands-on approach to self discovery.  It is a journey into intellectual levels of understanding – and application of the tools necessary for understanding and growth.” 

-Janice Palmer–Attorney—Chandler, Arizona

“Bill showed an amazing mastery of the field of NLP and life wisdom.” 

-Rene Blackstone—Corp. Coach—Queens Valley, Arizona

“We stretched, …our consciousness was expanded.”  -Dorla Buchta—Hypnotherapist—AZ


Contact Bill Thomason at 602 321-7192 or click here for information:


To Register:


Program Your Future

Program Your Future with Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns.  Bill Thomason is your guide on this life-altering journey.  In this 2-Day weekend workshop December 15-16, 2012, 9-5:30 each day, you will come away with written goals as outcomes.  Then you will participate in a process for uprooting the emotional threads of limiting programs that have prevented you from success in the past.  And finally, your trainer will help you install a new future so compelling you cannot help but achieve the outcomes you say that you want in your life.

Bill says, “The past is a myth!”  Memory is amazingly inaccurate in determining what happened in the past.  We all see events through the filters of our beleifs, values, and limitations of our perceptions.  For example, when you really like someone, people tend to not notice unresourceful qualities.  We interpret behaviors through the filter of our ‘liking’ the person. We delete information; we distort and we generalize data from the world around us and the only problem with what happened is that we made it mean something.  What we made events mean to us is often not positive or confidence building and can set up a negative program; a pattern of negative belief about ourselves.

Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns takes advantage of Albert Einstein’s theoretical understanding that time and space bend around gravitational bodies and the idea that the human brain and nervous system are already set up for time travel.  We spend a lot of time thinking about things in the past or worrying about things that could happen in the future.  What if you could simply go back in time and change what happened and what it means to you now moving forward into your future.   The process also uses the concept of a time line to reorganize events in time and space in the brain and to change what we learned from past events so that we begin to represent who we are through more positive and life affirming filters.   Even a life-long pattern of negative belief about ourselves can change in only minutes with these powerful processes.  Attend this life altering 2-Day weekend workshop for only $177. Contact Bill Thomason or navigate to: http://www.nlpskills.com/store/Program-Your-Future-weekend.html to register now.

FREE NLP Wednesday Night MeetUp – Please come!

Please attend the FREE NLP Wednesday Night MeetUp with NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason sponsored by NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute at11811 N Tatum Blvd. #P113, Phoenix, Arizona, 85028.  The class is 7-9pm most Wednesday evenings unless Bill is traveling.  You will receive a brief introduction to NLP and come away with some specific skills that can transform your results in life and usually an experience of one the Life-Change Patterns of NLP.  Get a chance to meet Bill, see the training style, learn about upcoming events and special offers, and to decide on individual coaching sessions or to attend an upcoming workshop, or certification program in NLP, Coaching, or Hypnosis.  Call Bill at 602 321-7192

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