FREE NLP Wednesday Night MeetUp – Please come!

FREE NLP Wednesday Night MeetUp

Please attend the FREE NLP Wednesday Night MeetUp with NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason and Guest Presenter Chris Shriver sponsored by NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute at 11811 N Tatum Blvd. #P113, Phoenix, Arizona, 85028. 

The class is 7:00-8:30pm most Wednesday evenings.  You will receive a brief introduction to NLP and come away with some specific skills that can transform your results in life and usually an experience of one the Life-Change Patterns of NLP.  Get a chance to meet Bill, see the training style, learn about upcoming events and special offers, and to decide on individual coaching sessions or to attend an upcoming workshop, or certification program in NLP, Coaching, or Hypnosis.  Call Bill at 602 321-7192

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NLP Speaker Training and NLP Trainer’s Training


REGISTER NOW! for  NLP Speaker Training and NLP Trainer’s Certification in 2018, taught over 4 Weekends: July 14-15, July 21-22, July 28-29 and August 4-5 in Phoenix, Arizona.  Get the BOLD of ROBBINS, the GENIUS of the Co-founders BANDLER and GRINDER, and the MAGIC of NLP MASTER TRAINER, BILL THOMASON. 
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Presenting At Both Levels
High Performance Presenters speak to both parts of the minds of their audiences. The Conscious Mind collects and evaluates information by analyzing and critiquing.  Conscious processes demand structure and organization and it has limited information storage.  But the conscious mind (7%) is the tip of iceberg.  In brain research, the functions of the left-brain relate directly to how we describe Conscious Mind.  It operates from mathematical, logical, linear thinking, has limited storage capacity and tends to toward a more procedures-oriented, specific or detail-oriented mindset.  
The unconscious mind, or right brain, is involved in subjective experience.  The Right Brain can collect vast amounts of information and store it in various ways and tends toward the options orientation and functional scope is more general or big picture-oriented.  The function of the right brain is less structured and can hold memories from an entire lifetime and has large storage capacity.  Memories tend to be accessed with emotional feelings attached to them. 
A presentation directed to the conscious mind invites evaluation and analysis.  Audience members may comment that “The talk was good, but I disagree with a few points.”  A presentation focused more on right-brain communication might elicit a comment that, “The talk was great!  I feel really positive and inspired to do more.” An experience was created. A strong positive belief of High Performance Presenters is that they trust their message got embedded and new thinking is likely to result regardless of whether people can specifically repeat back exactly what was said in a particular order.  Belief systems are often expanded and new ways of looking at things are created. The message and the learning are likely to impact the individual over time in a number of different ways.  The most persuasive messages are not recorded in conscious mind, but are embedded in the unconscious mind. 
Getting Your Audience Out of Their Heads
To create a powerful experience with your presentation, you must interrupt the conscious evaluation patterns of your audience.  You’ve heard the phrase, “get out of your head.”  To interrupt the pattern of evaluation and judgment is a process of switching people to a more left-brain processing mode.  Many speakers are afraid of evaluation and take it as judgment.  They tend to miss
chances to bypass left-brain, conscious processing in order to speak directly to the unconscious mind.  Unconscious communication goes to the heart of the audience.  One way to reach the unconscious mind of your audience is by using high impact techniques.
High Impact Techniques
High Impact Techniques include the use of metaphor, or the telling of stories.  Others are jokes to elicit laughter, demonstrations with audience members or objects.  HIT’s allow a presenter to bypass the conscious mind and put the audience in a light trance state and these states occur whenever a good speaker presents to an audience.
Stimulus Variability
Normal adult listening time is 18 minutes or less. You can count on the attention of your audience to begin to roam in search of other things to focus on.  HIT’s give you a major tool in order to supply the mind with things to roam toward or refocus upon.  A good rule of thumb is to supply a HIT about every ten (10) minutes.  This will continually keep your audience engaged in what you are doing and saying.  Use multiple techniques and approaches and maintain a variety of Stimulus Variability events throughout your presentation.  Changing an overhead every 10 minutes is likely not to be enough.  And effective stimulus variability or HIT’s are unpredictable.  The audience should not know what is coming next. They are anticipating and stay engaged in the process.  Stimulus Variability is directed at the unconscious mind.  
Have people stand up, sit down, etc.
Ask your audience to look right and/or left, then make some point
Move across the stage
Tell a compelling story to demonstrate your point (metaphor)
Ask a directed question to an individual

Sedona Magical Mystery Mind Training Workshop

Sedona Magical Mystical Mind Training (4 days)


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Sedona Magical Mystical Mind Training

is a 4-day workshop, in and around Sedona, Arizona and Native-owned Poco Diablo Resort (alternatively Sky Ranch Lodge) August 9-12, 2018.  Each day honors one of the four directions.  Developed from Native American shaman training concepts that tend to be in common with the passing of knowledge from indigenous cultures around the world, this NLP Shaman’s Mind Training is the ideal meeting place between Psychotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and spiritual healing.  The word ‘shaman’ is taken from Siberian origins and used generically to represent what is common among shamanic traditions as a healing model.  A Shaman or Medicine Man historically served as doctor, psychologist, minister, and healer among tribal peoples.

Bill Thomason will lead you through classroom meditations and outdoor experiences designed around the life-enhancing metaphor of Medicine Wheel ceremony to teach you concepts including awareness of the ‘Dreaming Body,’ ‘doubling’ (being in more than one place at one time), being the ‘hunter and not the hunted,’ ‘soul retrieval’ and other healing concepts common to the ‘Peaceful Warrior’ path. By the end of this training, participants will dreaming together collectively. REGISTRATION is $977. AND – Early Registration Fee is only $877 for a short time when you REGISTER NOW.  Couples $1500 (find your own lodging)

Workshop including 3-night lodging $1577 each.  Couples $2177 double occupancy. (without lodging $977 each person)


NLP Practitioner Certification 2018

NLP Practitioner Certification 2018

REGISTER NOW! for  NLP Practitioner Certification 2018, taught over 4 weekends September 15-16, September 22-23, September 29-30 and October 6-7 in Phoenix, Arizona.  Get the BOLD of ROBBINS, the GENIUS of the Co-founders BANDLER and GRINDER, and the MAGIC of NLP MASTER TRAINER, BILL THOMASON

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NOW, you can transform you abilities to master you own states of EXCELLENCE, produce deep and lasting RAPPORT, to become ultimately persuasive as you INFLUENCE with INTEGRITY and get more of the life you have only dreamed about achieving.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or ‘NLP’ has been called “the study and application of excellence,” “The science of subjective reality,” and “an attitude and methodology leaving behind a trail of techniques,”  According to Co-founder Richard Bandler, “The ATTITUDE is CURIOSITY, and the METHODOLOGY is BEHAVIOR MODELING.”  If anyone can produce an excellent behavior and you get enough high quality information about how they do it, you can produce a similar result.

Bill Thomason will be your primary guide and trainer on the unique journey into transformation.  Learn to model the structure of any excellent behavior to achieve any outcome you congruently desire in your life.  You will learn the key generalization about eye accessing cues to give information the way your receiver needs to get to process quickly and easily almost as if it had been his or her own thoughts.  You will learn to use language effective to bypass conscious resistance.  You will learn how STRATEGIES, SUBMODALITIES, ANCHORING, and REFRAMING are the building blocks of the skills necessary do more than you ever dreamed possible.

This 8-Day course is taught with Excelerated Learning(c) techniques to help you unlearn unresourceful patterns you picked up in school and other places throughout your life and open up your filters in a way that allows you to virtually download massive learning of skills and information and fully expand your ability to pay attention to the most minute physiological or body clues that telegraph the internal programming of anyone you choose to model.

Count the top peak experiences of your entire life on your fingers and get ready to add one more to the list.  Your NLP Certification will become one of the most powerful events of your life.  You will be challenged.  You will experience a caring environment and you will have the freedom to experiment and try out new skills in a safe environment.

Your life will positively never be the same.  With the skills you learn, you will explore and integrate new thoughts, new feelings, new choices, and acquire highly successful new behaviors. 

Get the BOLD of Robbins, the GENIUS of the NLP Founders, and the MAGIC of Bill Thomason!

Training Dates:

8-Day Intensive NLP Practitioner Certification taught over 4 weekends September 15-16, September 22-23, September 29-30 and October 6-7, followed by the 2-Day NLP Coach Certification on October 13-14, 2018.   Meant to be taken together.


9:00am to 6:00pm each day


How the Brain Works          Outcome Formation          Presuppositions

Rapport Skills                        Anchoring                           Reframing

Eye Accessing                        Submodalities                     Swish Patterns

Calibration                             Beliefs & Values                  Coaching Syntax

Six-Step Reframe                  Precision Model                  Meta-model

Metaphor Construction       Time Line                             Language Patterns

Hypnosis                                 Behavior Modeling            Negotiation Model

What People Are Saying…

“It exceeded all of them (expectations), I thought I would learn effective communication…this class was so very much more…I had no idea this would apply to all areas of my life.” 

-Kimberly Kelledy—Student—Phoenix, Arizona

“I am more aligned with myself.  I carry fewer unsatisfactory patterns.  I have increased professional skills.”

-Patricia Edwards—Counselor–Phoenix, AZ

“Interpersonal relationships have meaning now…real meaning.  I can use these skills to make others feel better about themselves, and therefore, better about myself.” 

-Jason Cody—Sales—Phoenix, Arizona

“Absolutely wonderful!  I truly appreciate the energy and personal attention you provided each one of us to achieve the absolute maximum.”

-Nancy Anderson—Vital Connections, Inc.—Orlando, Florida

“I am now a better human being!  The skills that I have learned about how to communicate with other people, will help me with both work and personal life.  This course is about looking into your own life and is a hands-on approach to self discovery.  It is a journey into intellectual levels of understanding – and application of the tools necessary for understanding and growth.” 

-Janice Palmer–Attorney—Chandler, Arizona

“Bill showed an amazing mastery of the field of NLP and life wisdom.” 

-Rene Blackstone—Corp. Coach—Queens Valley, Arizona

“We stretched, …our consciousness was expanded.”  -Dorla Buchta—Hypnotherapist—AZ


Contact Bill Thomason at 602 321-7192 or click here for information:

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Flirting Skills II Workshop

Flirting Skills II Workshop

Learn How To Master Couples Communication With Our Life Coaching Sessions Designed For Singles & Dating Couples. 

Bill Thomason’s 2-Day, ‘Flirting Skills II‘ workshop will be at NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday November 3-4, 2018. 

REGISTER NOW!  Call 602 321-7192 to register for the fun-filled, light-hearted, and playful workshop

Here’s your Flirting Skills Tip of the Month:  Effective Use of Flattery

Flattery is a powerful tool that works even when a person knows it is just said just for effect.  Obviously, it works better when flattery is sincere.  Flattery can also be mutually rewarding when executed effectively.  And, that may not be as easy to pull off as one might think.  Here are some guidelines:

  1. Notice something specific that is obviously true and attracts attention about the person.  This could be hair color, style, or length, or it could be a dress or other clothing, shoes, or physical characteristic of the person, like dimples or freckles.  It shouldn’t be the thing that everyone else has already noticed, however.    
  2. Consider what this person would most like to hear about themselves?  Get into her/his world.  If you know, or can find out, an area of  accomplishment or a hobby, or other activity that has not been overly acknowledged by other people, don’t hesitate to mention it.
  3. Once you determine what is special or unique about the person, draw attention to it.  Be playful and confident.  Tone can make a big difference in the meaning of your message.

Flattery is most effective when it is unexpected or surprises the person.  It is better that it is a compliment, although, something a little risque or critical sometimes draws attention that gets the person involved.  And keep it personal.  Telling a company owner that she is “doing great things” for her company, is nice.  But saying that you love her “sense of humor” and her “smile” is more personal and could make her day.  A first compliment could be dismissed, but more often attracts positive attention.  A second compliment may seem suspicious if not executed effectively, but when pulled off with sincerity and/or humor, can be delightful and welcome.

REGISTER NOW!: Call 602 321-7192 to register for the fun-filled playful weekend workshop with world-class NLP Trainer Bill Thomason at the NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, 11811 N Tatum Blvd., Phoenix, Arizona, 85028. 

Can Positive People Transform the World?

Mission of GCNLP:

Transform The World From The Inside Out

Cathedral Rock Sedona

How can we transform the world from chaotic self-interest, escalating violence and seemingly a bent toward destruction, to a world that is systemically peaceful, collaborative, empowering, and life affirming? Depending on your personal life filter, an argument can be made for either of these views as truth.  And you may ask, “Haven’t we made great progress as humans?” “Isn’t the world better than it was?” And then again; “Isn’t the world getting worse?’ “Why should we try?” “Why not tear the world down and start over with something else?”

I remember walking around my college campus between classes and occasionally I’d look out over the bustle of moving bodies and see someone looking back at me, meeting my eye. In the early 1970?s there were already well over 30,000 students bumping into each other at the major university I attended and occasionally the eye I would meet belonged to someone I believed to be curiously awake, aware, knowing, and conscious, looking back, as eager and fascinated as I was to connect, even if only the split second in time as the crowd moved us along. I remember reading a book about that time that suggested that, ‘there are those among us who have awakened and are conscious.’  I remember wondering what it was that those people  knew to give them such a knowing and confident twinkle of the eye.  Was there something they knew that I had not yet learned.

In accounts of stories recorded in versions of the Christian Bible in the time soon after the death of Jesus, the Apostles traveled the land preaching and also practicing ‘laying on of hands.’  In these accounts, people were ‘lifted up’ and transformed. They were spiritually healed and also physically healed.  These healings were called ‘miracles.’ How many ways, I wondered are there to change people and thereby change the world. Maybe those miracles were not so mysterious. I have met lots of modern-day people who lay their hands on other people to heal them and those who touch, inspire, and heal with words. I believe we live in a world where more people are awake and capable of creating positive change than ever before in human history.

That may sound a little naive or romanticized to some who will read this article. As I see and hear the news channels telling me of ‘more people dead in war-torn countries, or about another bombing in London, France, or Florida, or even a ‘violent robbery in my town,’ or a ‘domestic family squabble,’ or any number of other incidents that could easily be crafted into a good argument that the world is terrible place and that it’s not smart to trust your neighbors, I am aware that there are more and more people on the planet who believe that positive change can occur. It’s a matter of what we sort for in life. If we see problems and negativity as the primary force moving us, we create that reality. Making fundamental changes in parts of the world where generations of poverty and repression of basic human rights have molded belief and suppressed hope, is clearly not that easy. On the other hand, when we give people a chance, they sometimes do miraculous things or make selfless sacrifices for the benefit of others.

I have done quite a bit of corporate training work over the years in the areas of culture change and team building based largely on my work with Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP. I remember one of my colleagues and mentors, Robert Dilts, raising the question, “Why not build a company where people really want to come to work? Or to the point of this writing, “why not build a world to which people want to belong.’

Another of my mentors, Harvey Davisson, PhD, was a Psychologist in Dallas, Texas. As a 30-something young man I worked with him to develop his weight loss-longevity business. As part of my working agreement, I learned about a methodology he was using with his patients. I have adapted that work over the years and now call it Core Decisional Repatterning©. It is a profound change technology for discovering the decisions that make up our programming and where limitations exist, installing a new, more life-enhancing decision that will cause an individual to quickly, easily and profoundly change unresourceful life patterns. People get more of what they want in life as a result.

I remember having what I assumed to be a dream around that time. In my dream, I had flown into a small airport in a third world country and was shaking hands and meeting with dignitaries including the country’s educational, financial, and other leaders. I was there to teach them how to implement these technologies for profound transformation that could change even deeply rooted beliefs causal to poverty, poor health, violent habits, and greed, to healthy, happy, productive programming that could transform entire nations. After all, if you can change individuals fundamentally, you change how families operate, how communities are organized, and how countries relate to one another.

As I learned more about NLP techniques, the ability to achieve the dream came much closer to reality. NLP is based on Behavior Modeling, a technology based on protocols for elicit the key components of expertise. “If anyone can do it; you (or I) can do it.” So, pioneers in the field of NLP including the co-founders John Grinder and Richard Bandler set about discovering the structure of experience focused on a single question, “What is excellence.” They modeled, or copied behavior of highly successful people in several fields and areas of life. Elicit enough high quality information about how an expert creates any achievement and you can install those patterns of excellence in yourself and others. Applications are endless.

In my NLP Coaching and Training practice I use a wide variety of powerful tools, including Principled (Total-Wn) Negotiating, therapeutic metaphor, Re-Imprinting, reframing, anchoring, hypnotic language skills, Core Transformation, parts integration and other conflict integration patterns, and much more. In my corporate training and coaching work, I have incorporated aspects of a breakthrough technology developed by Werner Erhart and John Hanley. I have dabbled in learning the Dream Body Work or Process-Oriented Psychology, of Arnold Mindell, and I have been exposed to complimentary modalities and sponsored practitioners of various body work and energy work modalities that can further transform human systems. In short, I think there are a number of techniques and specialized knowledge in the world and even one of these life-changing modalities can make changes in whole communities.

With these ideas in mind, I contacted a few high quality people to form a board for an association that would give people interested in NLP and related technologies a way to belong and learn skills and allow people to connect globally to others with similar interests. The Global Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming is taking on the mission to change the world and it is ‘opening doors and joining hands’ to connect like-minded people and provide education in NLP and related areas.

I am proud to announce the board. My wife, Marsha Thomason, brings a straight forward no-nonsense attitude, event planning capabilities, and a can-do spirit from her years of experience owning one of the nations top real estate and property management companies. Marsha was also winner of a national real estate selling competition for a leading franchise. I contacted Andrew Alex, with his very well-rounded intellect and clarity of thought and his years of experience as a personal injury attorney. I was pleased that he accepted my invitation and has taken ownership in contributing on many levels. Rhonda Robbins brings an understanding of the internet, social media, and marketing, and as a Certified Life Coach, she has integrated NLP techniques and understanding. Janice Palmer is an attorney and former judge in the area of family law, who is also an NLP Master Practitioner and brings deep understanding of the change process and non-adversarial approaches to highly-charged conflicts. Gregg Sobek also has combined NLP and breakthrough technology in his real estate investment business.


Please look for articles to follow on the topics of changing the world and about NLP and other technologies for profound personal change and business excellence.

Check out the website for calendar of events and other resources. And, contact me personally at 602 321-7192.

Welcome to GCNLP and

Due to vulnerabilities and recent changes in the way WordPress is working on the internet lately, I have discontinued the website and forwarded the URL to right here.  GCNLP is an active association for the benefit of the Global NLP Community.  Lots of people are at least aware of NLP and want to learn more skills and this association was created to give a focus to those desires.  In addition, you may want to visit the primary site for NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute.  You can learn about NLP  and NLP Coaching in general, about Bill Thomason and his personal change and business training work, and you can find out about private sessions or upcoming training opportunities and you can read the Blog Articles that are posted there on the website.