FREE NLP Wednesday Night MeetUp – Please come!

Please attend the FREE NLP Wednesday Night MeetUp with NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason sponsored by NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute at11811 N Tatum Blvd. #P113, Phoenix, Arizona, 85028.  The class is 7-9pm most Wednesday evenings unless Bill is traveling.  You will receive a brief introduction to NLP and come away with some specific skills that can transform your results in life and usually an experience of one the Life-Change Patterns of NLP.  Get a chance to meet Bill, see the training style, learn about upcoming events and special offers, and to decide on individual coaching sessions or to attend an upcoming workshop, or certification program in NLP, Coaching, or Hypnosis.  Call Bill at 602 321-7192

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  1. The youre very professional .

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