Welcome to GCNLP and www.nlplifecoachphoenix.com

Due to vulnerabilities and recent changes in the way WordPress is working on the internet lately, I have discontinued the website www.nlplifecoachphoenix.com and forwarded the URL to GCNLP.com right here.  GCNLP is an active association for the benefit of the Global NLP Community.  Lots of people are at least aware of NLP and want to learn more skills and this association was created to give a focus to those desires.  In addition, you may want to visit the primary site for NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute.  You can learn about NLP  and NLP Coaching in general, about Bill Thomason and his personal change and business training work, and you can find out about private sessions or upcoming training opportunities and you can read the Blog Articles that are posted there on the website.




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