Flirting Skills II Workshop

Flirting Skills II Workshop

Learn How To Master Couples Communication With Our Life Coaching Sessions Designed For Singles & Dating Couples. 

Bill Thomason’s 2-Day, ‘Flirting Skills II‘ workshop will be at NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday and Sunday, February 9-10, 2019. 

REGISTER NOW!  Call 602 321-7192 to register for the fun-filled, lighthearted, and playful workshop

Here’s your Flirting Skills Tip of the Month:  Effective Use of Flattery

Flattery is a powerful tool that works even when a person knows it is just said just for effect.  Obviously, it works better when flattery is sincere.  Flattery can also be mutually rewarding when executed effectively.  And, that may not be as easy to pull off as one might think.  Here are some guidelines:

  1. Notice something specific that is obviously true and attracts attention about the person.  This could be hair color, style, or length, or it could be a dress or other clothing, shoes, or physical characteristic of the person, like dimples or freckles.  It shouldn’t be the thing that everyone else has already noticed, however.    
  2. Consider what this person would most like to hear about themselves?  Get into her/his world.  If you know, or can find out, an area of  accomplishment or a hobby, or other activity that has not been overly acknowledged by other people, don’t hesitate to mention it.
  3. Once you determine what is special or unique about the person, draw attention to it.  Be playful and confident.  Tone can make a big difference in the meaning of your message.

Flattery is most effective when it is unexpected or surprises the person.  It is better that it is a compliment, although, something a little risque or critical sometimes draws attention that gets the person involved.  And keep it personal.  Telling a company owner that she is “doing great things” for her company, is nice.  But saying that you love her “sense of humor” and her “smile” is more personal and could make her day.  A first compliment could be dismissed, but more often attracts positive attention.  A second compliment may seem suspicious if not executed effectively, but when pulled off with sincerity and/or humor, can be delightful and welcome.

REGISTER NOW!: Call 602 321-7192 to register for the fun-filled playful weekend workshop with world-class NLP Trainer Bill Thomason at the NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, 11811 N Tatum Blvd., Phoenix, Arizona, 85028. 

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