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We Live In a Time of Rapid Change.

This time of ‘rapid change’ can be experienced in a number of ways.  Some people will be overwhelmed or stopped by circumstances and others will be challenged and thrive.   Most of us meet more people in year than our Great-Grandparents met in a lifetime.  The sheer volume of information we deal with daily has never before been experienced by humans.  Our brains and nervous systems are necessarily transforming at a rapid rate to account speed at which new data must be processed. Whether we perceive the fast pace of modern life a problem or an exciting challenge is the choice that will decide whether we suffer or choose to live ecstatically happy lives.

At the simplest level,  we can say that people just want to be happy.  They want to be happy in their relationships, their business or job, and to experience growth.  At GCNLP, we believe it is fair to say that individuals, families, organizations and global communities are seeking meaningful ways to create excellence and become a generative force in creating community at every level.  People want to contribute to something bigger than themselves and to live meaning lives.  We want to experience that what they do makes a difference.

The Global Community of Neuro Linguistic Programming offers access to some of the most pwerful tools for growth and human change that have ever existed in human history.  GCNLP is an association of like-minded people who want to build community, share the tools of social science technologies and join hands in creating a world to which people want to belong.  To this end, we are transforming thought processes, enhancing communications, increasing resourcefulness and acquiring new life skills.

The Mission of the Global Community of NLP

GCNLP is committed to joining hands and opening doors to create a global community embracing human excellence through integrating Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), related social sciences and other human excellence technologies.  We embrace new approaches to human thinking and behavior patterns, generating profound change and transforming the human experience.  We provide resources and training to enable individuals in their pursuit of connection, happiness, and prosperity.

Joining Hands and  Opening Doors

GCNLP connects local and global communities of like-minded individuals providing a platform to share ideas, experiences, and skills.  ‘Joining hands’ and ‘opening doors’ GCNLP forms a global network of practitioners, educators, business professionals, and individuals world-wide who are committed to transforming and enhancing the human experience.

What is NLP?

NLP, based on behavior modeling, is a methodology for consistently achieving desired outcomes.  NLP allows one to generate profound life changes quickly
and easily. Neuro Linguistic Programming is defined by co-founder, Richard Bandler as ‘…an attitude and a methodology; leaving behind a trail of techniques.”   NLP pioneer and developer, Robert Dilts says NLP is ‘the study of subjective reality.”  Co-founder  John Grinder reminds us that NLP was developed by seeking the answer to the question, “What is excellence?”

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