High Performance Workshop Series – May 5

GCNLP  - Global Community of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Location:  11811 N. Tatum #P-113

Date:  May 5, 2012

Time:  9 AM to 1 PM

Session #1: We Are Different, a presentation by Rhonda Robbins

Personality Connection, We are Different, Personality Trainer Rhonda RobbinsPersonality What? Personality Who? Personality Me? Personality You? Have you ever wondered why people do and say the things they do? Ever wonder why people do and say the things they do? Ever wondered why you’re always so optimistic and your partner so pessimistic? Ever wondered why you react the way you do or how children can be reared by the same parents in the same environment and yet be so completely opposite? Have your weaknesses haunted or discouraged you?  Want to transform your weaknesses into strengths?  Want to transform your relationships?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this personality workshop is just the thing for you. Personality assessment is based on the observations of Hippocrates 400 B.C.  There are at least 32 other personality profile systems around today … yet the four basic temperaments are the same as those identified by Hippocrates, just labeled differently.

The point of personality training is not to judge or label ourselves or others for each of us is genuinely unique. While there are similarities in the personality patterns/behaviors many, many other elements are factored into the complexity that is you!

Benefits: Personal Life

  • Better understand and accept yourself
  • Better understand and accept others
  • Improve communications
  • Improve relationships
  • Restore harmony, acceptance and love to relationships
  • Eliminate conflict and strife
  • Capitalize on your strengths
  • Gain personal freedom and confidence
  • Identify areas for strengthening
  • Understand your children; learn how to enhance their strengths while helping them learn strategies to minimize their weaknesses
  • To understand how you are a unique individual

Benefits: Workplace

  • Understand your boss
  • Understand your employees
  • Better understand and accept others
  • Improve communications
  • Improve relationships
  • Eliminate conflict and strife
  • Capitalize on employee’s strengths
  • Use the personality evaluation as a screening tool to help you assemble, motivate and maintain a group of dynamic, productive people to create the synergy that ensures business success, i.e., your success.

Session #2: Forward Thinking Lawyers are Using NLP, a presentation by Andrew R. Alex

Forward thinking lawyers are using NLP techniques with witnesses and jurors to connect with jurors on a new level.  The results are amazing!   These successful lawyers have studied and practice advanced behavioral strategies enabling them to occupy the “space in the jurors’ mind” that creates a  unique bond and rapport that brings about the same community of thought, which ultimately translate to a winning client award.

I personally have elevated my practice by employing NLP techniques.  It is an amazing leap from the abstract classroom learning experience to implementing NLP strategies into my daily work.  If I can do it, anyone can do it with good training and a little practice.

Join me on May 5 as I describe my experiences and relate my learnings to you.  Come and be prepared to be amazed!

About the Presenters:


Success Strategies Coach, NLP Practitioner, Personality Trainer, Marketing and Social MediaProfessional

Rhonda Robbins, Success Strategies Coach, NLP Practitioner, Personality Trainer, Marketing and Social Media Professional

Rhonda helps individuals, and business owners reach the next level of success (however they define and generate it).

She helps people understand themselves and others through a variety of tools.

On a corporate level, she assists everyone in the organization understand the personality differences and then teaches them how to relate “into” the other and not “out of” their own personality.

She profoundly believes –

  • We each generate our success daily – moment-by-moment, thought-response by thought-response.
  • How we frame what we WANT stems from our core values and beliefs, values and beliefs that we carry into every situation and relationship.
  • Changing a corporation starts with changing a CEO.
  • Creating a powerful marriage starts with creating a powerful way each partners values him/herself.
  • Living powerfully with unlimited choices starts with a single thought.
  • Success strategies can be applied to any and everything in life that we aspire to want to have, to be or to do.

That is what Rhonda does… helps you reach and live your dream!

www.embraceyourbrillianco.co      480-343-8700


Founding Partner, Alex & Gaxiola

Andrew R. Alex, Personal Injury Attorney Phoenix, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Andrew Alex is the lead litigator in the firm. BV® Distinguished™ Peer Review RatedSM by Martindale-Hubbell®, Mr. Alex practices in Arizona state and United States federal courts.

He is often sought out by other lawyers for his expertise as a consultant on complex cases.

Andrew Alex is the founding partner of Alex & Gaxiola, P.C., a personal injury and accident law firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

The firm was formed in 1984.   Andrew has been practicing law in Arizona since 1974. He is an active member of the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association (AZTLA), the American Association of Justice (AAJ) and the Arizona State Bar.

Andrew graduated second in his class at Chicago-Kent College of Law, which is now affiliated with the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

Andrew has a solid reputation for delivering results for his clients.

An experienced trial lawyer, he has successfully litigated large cases involving serious accident injuries ranging from construction accidents, motorcycle injuries, and tractor-trailer accidents to medical malpractice suits.

As a result of multimillion-dollar awards and exceptional relationships, he enjoys a loyal client base.

Many of his clients have referred family members, relatives and friends over the years, trusting that they will receive the same successful results and personal care.

www.AlexandGaxiola.com      602-971-1775

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